joão paulo + lou grassi’s avanti galoppi | teatro académico de gil vicente

It was a chilli start for the first night of Encontros Internacionais de Jazz de Coimbra.
The opening was in the fingers of João Paulo, that taking the command of the keyboard improvised for an audience with little motivation.

This Portuguese piano player with many years of career, is first album ‘Serra sem Farol’ goes back to 1995, and many awards like Médaille d’ Or, Prix Jacques Dupont, Prix d’ Excellence e Prix de Perfectionement.

Works regularly with other Portuguese musicians such as Tomás Pimentel, Carlos Martins, Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Mário Laginha, Pedro Burmester and Maria João, among others.
In this presentation, besides the free improvisations, there was space for improvisations of popular themes in witch shows an admirable technique, despite it’s extended and too strange improvisations did not bring any enthusiasm to the audience.

Closing the night Lou Grassi’s Avanti Galoppi, with Lou Grassi on the drums, Rob Brown on the saxophone, Herb Robertson no trumpet and Ken Filiano on bass, brought there latest work ‘Avanti Galoppi’ in witch there is compositions of the four members of the quartet.
Thanks to this we can hear a program stylistically diversified. The night was condemned to repeat itself, and the audience was not thrilled with the extremely long improvisations of this quartet.

Even considering the excellency of this musicians, for whom the stage is there natural environment, and the quality of the concert, in the end of this first night there was a bit of disappointment.

In a night dedicated mainly to the art of improvisation the abundance of chairs stripped from human presence brought the temperature down.

And none of the concerts could bring it up. The second night is surrounded with great expectative.

joão paulo + lou grassi’s avanti galoppi | encontros intercionais de jazz de coimbra parte I | teatro académico de gil vicente | 2 junho 2005

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