michel portal + louis sclavis | teatro académico de gil vicente

Whatever expectations for this night were widly overcome by the concert of the day two.

There were reasons for these expectations, because the night before hade little enthusiasm, this is supposed to be, according to the specialized critic, one of the best jazz festivals happening in Portugal and, last but not least, the three gentlemen on stage have there names carved in the contemporary jazz history.

Michel Portal in the clarinets and saxophones, Louis Sclavis in the clarinets and soprano saxophone, Sébastian Boiseeau on the bass and Daniel Humair in the drums are gifted in such a way that are able, on there own, to raise the thermometers on the room.

Thanks to their technical malabar’s that surprise, much because of the years that are surely written on these gentlemen ID’s, these quartet grab the attention of all of the presents.

With an hypnotic rhythm served by the bass and the drums giving the rhythm to the struggle between the clarinets, with their high sounds that filled the air.

Always without forgetting that jazz is universal, with was possible to make a little trip to several coordenads of the globe, courtesy of compositions that could be associated with many parts of the known world, thanks to eight fantastic hands. And the audience responded with reverence.

The silence would give the opportunity to listen to the breath taking and some of the misplaced vocalizations.

Earned encore, for the audience and for the musicians, were a composition asked for someone in the audience was interpreted bringing the night to a standing end and an ovation.

For the second part of the night a descend to the river were, at Quebra Club, took place the first Jam Session with several musicians that participate in this festival.

Nothing better to close the night of excellency than to see, coming to shape, music that has as much of surprising for those listening and for the ones playing.

michel portal + louis sclavis | encontros internacionais de jazz de coimbra parte I | teatro académico de gil vicente | 3 junho 2005

texto disponível em clix música | malabarismo musical


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