rudresh mahanthappa quartet + jacc workshop orchestra | teatro académico de gil vicente

Last night for an enconter half way betwen the upper and the low part of the city.

This encounter was scheduled with Rudresh Mahanthappa Quartet, responsable to close the first half of this festival.

For the first time in Europe, Rudresh Mahanthappa – saxophone, Vijay Iyer – piano, François Moutin – bass and Elliot Humberto Kavee – drums, came to present their most recent record ‘Mother Tongue’, third of their career, to a public that is not polyglot.

Rudresh Mahanthappa, with na indian origin but living over 20 eyers in the USA, when confronted with questions about his spoken indian he says that in Índia there are seven ways to aswser, according to the language spoken.

And it’s that language, in form of improvised music, that makes the sound connection between the verbal response and the musical transcription.

In a concert with several velocities were Rudresh interpreted virtuously, in high speed or contemplatively, witch associated to the technique, the style and the tonal variation make of him one of great sax players of today.

Never forgettin the three gentlemen that accompanied him, capable of not leaving a space free from sound. However, not even the abilitys of this four musicians was capable of getting an enthusiastic response from the public.

The official closing was left on the hands of bass player/composer/director Adam Lane, head, in the USA, of one of the most interesting ensembles of the last years, The Full Throttle Orchestra.

He was invited to command the JACC Workshop Orchestra, in witch is supposed to bring together several improvisers from different places of Portugal.

With this project, and for some days before the presentation in concert, in this case closing the festival, the improvisers work with an invited composer and director.With a robust sound it was possible to listen to five unexpected compositions, with constant and surprising variations of rhythm, in a fusion of free jazz/hard bop/blues.

The room ended full, without ovations, but with the feeling that the second part brings more.

To close in the best way possible, the last and final encounter was scheduled to Salão Brazil around a Jam Session.

What else can be said? November will be a good month for jazz in Coimbra.

rudresh mahanthappa quartet + jacc workshop orchestra | encontros internacionais de jazz de coimbra parte I teatro académico de gil vicente | 4 junho 2005

texto disponível em clix música | linguagens de encontro


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